Renesas Shows Dialog Synergies with 39 Winning Combinations

Ally Winning


In February this year, Dialog Semiconductor and Renesas reached an agreement for Renesas to buy Dialog. Last week the deal was finalised and the two companies joined forces.

The Japanese company took that opportunity to host a press conference to explain the reasons for the acquisition further and to launch 39 of the company’s Winning Combinations to demonstrate how the Dialog portfolio meshes with Renasas products to allow Rensas to compete in new areas and applications. The first thing Renasas chose to highlight was the fact that the Dialog acquisition means that it now has more R&D staff outside of Japan than in the country. Japans share of the R&D headcount has dropped from 56% to 46%. The purchase also marks a move in Renesas’ priorities. Over the last decade, the company has been known more and more as an automotive company, especially through its R-Car initiative. The Dialog acquisition will provide more balance to Renesas and position it to place more emphasis on the Industrial and IoT markets.

All in all, Dialog products don’t conflict too much with Renesas offerings. In fact, a lot of the components play very well together. For instance, Renesas MCUs, MPUs and sensors pair well with Dialog’s WiFi, BLE, non-volatile memories and power chips. When Renesas launches a new reference design or demo board, the company’s components on the board will now comprise a much higher proportion of the total. Renesas hopes this cross selling opportunity will bring big gains across the board. There are also synergies on the infrastructure side that Renesas will achieve, from savings in procurement and software licensing to a reduction in outsourcing and the ability to undertake bigger projects in-house. Overall, the Japanese company thinks the acquisition has the potential to add US $325,000,000 to its balance sheet over the next three years through additional selling and savings.


Of course, Renesas has no intentions of letting the work it has done in the automotive market go to waste. Dialog was also active in that sector, and the company’s GreenPAK CMICs are cost effective NVM programmable devices that integrate many system functions into a single custom circuit, minimizing component count, board space, and power consumption. The CMICs are AEC-Q100 qualified and allow the functional replacement of mixed-signal standard products. They can also provide reliable hardware safety and reset functions for software coded devices, such as SoCs and microcontrollers. The GreenPak family is just one of the Dialog product ranges that offer an ideal accompaniment to Renesas’ high-end R-Car SoCs and other products.


To demonstrate the synergies between the devices from the two companies, Renesas launched 39 new Winning Combinations. These include -


Quick Connect IoT

Quick Connect IoT is an IoT system design platform that eases the prototyping of IoT systems to reduce time-to-market. The multi-board design platform eliminates compatibility issues found in hardware and software, enabling designers to quickly and easily connect a wide range of sensors to MCU development boards. Combined with Dialog’s ultra-low power Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) (DA14531) and Wi-Fi (DA16200) SOCs, the new Pmod 6A board-to-board connector, and the glue codes embedded into the Renesas software package, Quick Connect IoT enables Renesas sensors and MCUs to seamlessly transmit to a mobile application or the cloud.


100W Adapter with power delivery & wireless charger

Renesas’ 100W PD adapter is a multi-function PD adapter supporting 65W maximum PD output, BC1.2 fast charging, Qi 15W wireless charging, and two 5V2.1A USB A ports. It now includes the latest Dialog high power density AC/DC chipset (primary-side digital flyback controller / secondary side interface IC) with advanced zero voltage switching combined with Renesas’ USB PD controller, MOSFETs, PFC and wireless charging devices.


Smart Asset Tracking Label

The Smart Tracking Label is an ultra-thin, credit card-sized, asset tracking solution to monitor and track environmental data through Bluetooth LE. It achieves optimal battery life via the low-power DA14531 Bluetooth LE 5.1 SoC combined with Renesas’ high-performance humidity and temperature sensors, with data logging stored via onboard serial Flash from Dialog. It provides 2-3 months of shelf life and roughly 30 days of active life using a rechargeable & disposable, printable 25mAh battery.


Automotive Winning Combinations

An In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) solution includes a combination of Dialog’s PMIC and CMIC with Renesas’ automotive R-Car SoCs, buck regulators and timing ICs. Another Winning Combination combines Dialog’s LED backlight and haptic drivers with Renesas’ PMIC for LCD to realize an automotive display system. Further solutions combining Renesas and Dialog offerings are underway, including a Wireless Battery Management Systems (BMS) with Dialog’s Bluetooth LE IC and Renesas’ battery management ICs and MCUs.