Resettable PPTC devices provide fast overcurrent protection



The PPTC (Polymer Positive Temperature Coefficient) resistor series from Littelfuse provides ultra-low internal resistance, ultra-low voltage drop and minimal power dissipation. Thus, it is ideal for high speed overcurrent protection. The PPTC devices are available at distributor Rutronik immediately. Littelfuse LoRho PPTC devices offer overcurrent protection against fault current surges by limiting the electrical current flowing through it. By resetting automatically, this device provides a low maintenance alternative to one-time fuses for overcurrent protection and the fast response to fault currents guarantees secure protection for sensitive electronic products. Littelfuse LoRho(TM) SMD PPTCs are half as thick as conventional SMD PPTCs and have up to more than 60% lower internal resistance. The PPTCs are available in sizes as small as 0402. With the industry?s broadest range of hold current ratings (100mA to 7A), they offer high design flexibility, making it easy to design in the most suitable device for the application. With their very thin height profile, the series is suitable for use in compact portable electronics. Besides the overcurrent protection, the devices are qualified for applications in handheld electronics (e.g. smartphones or digital cameras), computers and peripherals, gaming consoles and accessories. Rutronik