Resistors Offer Lower Cost Alternative to Comps, Wirewounds



As electronics evolve, the power and pulse requirements have changed higher efficiency electronics and motors mean lower power, voltage, and current requirements. As a result, designs which have traditionally required a carbon composition or wirewound resistor may now be able to use a lower cost metal oxide. While not able to handle the same pulse energy as carbon comps or wirewounds, metal oxides offer better pulse handling than standard metal film resistors. Stackpole's RSF / RSMF metal oxides have power ratings up to 5W and working voltages up to 1,000V. The RSF / RSMF is flameproof and meets UL 94V-0.

The RSF / RSMF is a good choice for power supplies, LED lighting, power generation controls, HVAC controls, oven and spa controls, and industrial and electro-mechanical controls.

Pricing for the RSF depends on size, resistance value, and tolerance. Contact Stackpole or one of our franchised distribution partners for specific pricing.

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