Resistors Offer Pulse Power Handling up to 3500 Watts



RALEIGH, NC - Stackpole is now stocking the MLFA AEC compliant metal film melf resistors. The MLFA is available in a 0.4W rated 0204 size in the MLFA25 and a 1W rated 0207 size in the MLFA1. The MLFA has exceptional stability demonstrated over life, biased humidity, and short time overload testing. In addition, the MLFA offers pulse power handling up to 3500 watts for single short duration pulses, and lightning surge withstanding up to 6KV for resistance values above 100K ohms.

This outstanding performance is ideal for applications including industrial / outdoor controls, electric and fuel powered engine controls, power control and monitoring, automotive applications, and telecom infrastructure.

The MLFA offers tolerances from 0.1% to 5% and TCR's from 15 ppm to 100 ppm. Pricing for the MLFA varies with size, resistance value, tolerance, and TCR. Contact Stackpole or one of our franchised distributor partners for volume pricing. Many popular resistance values are currently in stock.

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