Revolutionary Pressure Control Module and Pressure Sensors


Pressure measurement company launches the world’s fastest pressure controller, PACE CM3

Druck, a Baker Hughes business, announces the launch of a revolutionary new pressure control module, the PACE CM3 and the next generation in pressure sensors, the ADROIT6000.

PACE CM3 is the world’s fastest pressure controller providing customers with advanced levels of accuracy, speed and stability in pressure measurement.

Druck’s ADROIT600 Pressure Sensor has been designed to fit in the tightest spaces and provide advanced levels of pressure measurement accuracy and reliability across the widest temperature range. 

Vice President of Druck, Gordon Docherty, said: “Our customers trust our products in the measurement, test and calibration of pressure. From the manufacture of equipment to test the pressure of barometric sensors used in smart phones, the manufacturing of braking systems on high speed trains to the build and testing of ventilators or blood pressure systems in national health services, our PACE CM3 will set a new benchmark in the industry. Our ADROIT6000 industrial grade sensors raise the bar on performance for multiple applications where reliable and accurate measurement of pressure is important. Across these critical operations, there is no room for error when measuring pressure.”

He continued: “Our revolutionary new products deliver enhanced levels of accuracy, speed and reliability in pressure measurement enabling customers to improve their performance and providing them with peace of mind, often in the toughest of operating environments,” said Docherty.  “The level of demand in the PACE CM3 and ADROIT6000 is already exceeding our expectations - they look set to be game changers in pressure control and pressure measurement technology.”

PACE CM3 and ADROIT 6000 have been designed, developed and brought to market by Druck’s global team.

“That Druck continues to push the boundaries of innovation, providing our customers with advanced pressure measurement technology to improve performance is testament to the talent and commitment of our global team,” added Docherty.  “With further new products planned in 2021, the Druck team continues to keep our business at the cutting edge of pressure measurement.”

For more information visit Druck's site.