RF6650 Power Management IC



The RF6650 is a pulse-width modulated (PWM), voltage-mode controlled DC-DC converter unit designed to supply power to W-CDMA power amplifiers. The output voltage is continuously programmable through the VSET analog input pin. The converter has been optimized for high efficiency at light current load conditions, fast transient response times to meet W-CDMA 25μs slot-to-slot transition specifications, and low noise by maintaining a constant switching frequency, while supplying up to 650mA in PWM-controlled or bypass modes. Click Photo for High-Res Image Features Efficiency > 95% Transient Response < 25ms 650mA Load Current Capability Programmable Output Voltage Bypass FET Constant Switching Frequency Applications W-CDMA Handsets This product is currently available in production quantities. Pricing begins at $1.43 each for 25 pieces. For more information on RF6650, visit estore.rfmd.com/RFMD_Onlinestore/Products/RFMD+Parts/PID-P_RF6650.aspx