RFMD updates process design kits for Agilent ADS 2011


Taking advantage of performance advances

RF Micro Devices Inc, designer and manufacture of high-performance radio frequency components and compound semiconductor technologies, has updated its Foundry Services (PDKs) process design kits for use with Agilent Technologies' recently released Advanced Design System (ADS) 2011 EDA. The enhanced PDKs are available immediately to current and prospective RFMD Foundry Services customers for RFMD's GaN (Gallium Nitride) and GaAs (Gallium Arsenide ) process technologies. The RFMD PDKs support a complete ADS front- to back-end MMIC design flow with scalable devices, a native design rule checker, and layout capabilities in ADS 2011. The PDKs work seamlessly with ADS 2011, ADS 2009 Update 1 and ADS 2008 Update 2, enabling RFMD Foundry Services customers to take full advantage of the significant performance advances of ADS 2011. RFMD's GaN and GaAs process technologies are available to Foundry Services customers, supported by RFMD's industry-leading cycle times. RFMD's foundry offerings include GaN1 (GaN for high power), a 0.5-micron GaN on SiC process technology enabling 65V CW operation and optimized for maximum performance at 4 GHz and below. RFMD's GaN1 power technology provides a high breakdown voltage above 400V, while RFMD's GaN2 is a 0.5-micron GaN on SiC process technology offering high linearity for high performance communications systems. Both GaN technologies are manufactured in onw of the world's largest III-V fabs at RFMD's Greensboro, NC. The Greensboro fab also manufactures HBT8D, RFMD's high-volume rugged InGap technology for handset and mixed signal applications, and IPC3, an integrated passive component technology that complements RFMD's GaN technology portfolio with high power compatibility. Additional RFMD foundry offerings include FD25, a low noise, 0.25-micron GaAs pHEMT technology, and FD30, a high power 0.3-micron GaAs pHEMT technology, both of which support applications up through 25 GHz. RFMD's technology portfolio also includes FET1H, a 0.6-micron GaAs pHEMT technology, and FET2D, a 0.6-micron GaAs E/D pHEMT technology. Each of RFMD's pHEMT technologies is manufactured at the company's Newton Aycliffe fab in UK. Dr Tom Joseph, technology in RFMD's Foundry Services business unit, said, "The ADS 2011 release provides RFMD Foundry customers access to Agilent's latest multi-technology platform for our GaN and GaAs process technologies. By leveraging Agilent's new Library architecture and simulation enhancements, RFMD's foundry customers can improve design efficiencies and reduce time-to-market for their end market products." Juergen Hartung, foundry program manager of Agilent's EEs of EDA organization adds "With these PDKs, our customers can now enjoy the industry's most comprehensive multi-technology design platform using Momentum, the 3-D planar EM simulator, our integrated full 3-D FEM engine, an industry-proven design-for-manufacturing capabilities inside ADS, and an upgraded design rule checker are just some of the reasons MMIC designers choose ADS to increase performance, consistency and yield." www.rfmd.com www.agilent.com