RFMD's New RF1604 Broadband High Power SP4T Switch



RFMD's new RF1604 single-pole four-throw (SP4T) switch is designed for switching applications requiring very low insertion loss and high power handling capability with minimal DC power consumption. RF1604's excellent linearity performance makes it ideal for use in multimode GSM/EDGE/WCDMA and LTE applications. Very high isolation between the RF ports provide greater RF separation between the transmit and receive paths, critical in full-duplex systems. RF1604 also includes integrated decoding logic allowing operation from two low voltage control lines. The RF1604 is packaged in a very compact 2.5?x?2.5mm, 12-pin, leadless QFN package. Features

  • Low Frequency to >2.7?GHz operation covering all standard cellular frequency bands
  • Low Insertion Loss: 0.4?dB at 1?GHz
  • Very High Isolation: 40?dB at 1?GHz
  • High Linearity: IIP2 > 120?dBm Applications
  • Multi-Mode GSM, WCDMA & LTE Applications
  • Cellular Infrastructure Available now: Pricing begins at $0.49 each for 10,000 pieces. For more information on RF1604, visit https://estore.rfmd.com/RFMD_Onlinestore/Products/RFMD+Parts/PID-RF1604.aspx