Richardson Electronics Offers AMOTECH Ceramic Capacitors


Providing Design-In Support and Evaluation Kits

Richardson Electronics, Ltd. announced its global support of AMOTECH’s High-Q and broadband multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs).

AMOTECH’s ACQ (High-Q) series offers superior equivalent series resistance (ESR), high working voltage, and high self-resonance frequencies. These capacitors are RoHS compliant and provide excellent performance for frequencies up to 7-8 GHz. The broadband ABC series is designed for applications up to 40GHz with an equivalent series inductance (ESL) as low as one-tenth that of a standard MLCC, making it ideal for optical transceiver and mmWave applications.

AMOTECH, a division of AMOGROUP located in South Korea, provides a wide range of multi-layer ceramic capacitors developed from their MLCC material, process technology, and circuit technology. In addition to the RF and microwave designs, they are also producing large capacitance types for general applications.

Richardson Electronics provides a broad range of AMOTECH products. To learn more, visit the AMOTECH broadband capacitors page.