Richardson Electronics Offers GA High-Energy Capacitors



Richardson Electronics, Ltd. announced today the availability of General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems' high-energy capacitors for pulse power.

General Atomics' high-energy capacitors for pulse power are exceptionally reliable and capable of handling even the most demanding applications. Solutions are available from 1KV-100KV, with custom types available to 2MV. The metal case variety is self-healing and has high-peak current microsecond discharge capabilities, while the plastic case variety is compact for high voltage and low inductance. The capacitors manufactured by the General Atomics EMS Team are the acknowledged standard for military, medical, industrial, and transportation markets that require the ability to operate over a wide temperature range and complement extreme duty, high mechanical shock conditions. General Atomics capacitor products are recognized globally in the industry for technology, reliability, quality, and long-life.

More information is available at Richardson Electronics.