Ridley Engineering opens new training center & headquarters in Camarillo, California



Ridley Engineering, a power systems design and consulting company dedicated to providing state-of-the-art products, services and training for the power supply industry, will open a training center at its new headquarters in Camarillo, California. Located 53 miles north of Los Angeles, this facility will house the 4-day power supply design workshops for North America. Dr. Ray Ridley’s world-renowned workshops will kick off March 7-10, with additional workshops at this facility to be announced.

“We look forward to hosting workshops, guest speakers and a multitude of educational events at our new Design Center. In addition, we are creating an environment for multiple research projects which will help our customers reach the next level of design in the industry,” commented Dr. Ridley.

More information will be released leading up to the March workshop. 

Ridley Engineering