Riedon Reveals new Temperature Sensing and Control Solutions


Easy-to-use self-controlled heaters and precision resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) available off the shelf at Digi-Key

Alhambra, California – Riedon has introduced three new product lines leveraging its precision-resistor knowhow to simplify thermal sensing and monitoring, including miniature self-controlled heaters and resistance temperature detectors (RTDs).

The PTC series of miniature heaters are positive-temperature-coefficient devices that stabilize quickly at 100°C-125°C depending on voltage and power rating. The PTC’s compact 9mm-high aluminum housing has a flat surface for easy attachment and comes with 200mm wire terminations. Applications include warming samples or incubating cultures in life-sciences equipment, thermal protection in outdoor electronics cabinets, and condensation prevention for optical equipment such as surveillance cameras. Two sizes are offered, including 20mm x 40mm PTCA devices for 12V/10W and 24V/20W operation and 40mm x 40mm PTCB at 24V/20W and 80-230V/20W.

Also new, RTDW wirewound temperature detectors are extremely small (0.26” x 0.125”) RTDs in a choice of compact radial and axial leaded packages ready for PCB mounting or connecting inline. Positive temperature coefficients from 1100ppm/°C to 6000ppm/°C ensure flexibility to fulfil temperature measurement and compensation in applications such as industrial temperature probes, aerospace sensors, HVAC controls, and environmental monitors. Standard resistance values are 100Ω, 500Ω, and 1KΩ, in tolerances to ±0.005%. Riedon can also create custom temperature coefficients, packages, and resistances to special order.

The third product, the RTDS series, is a surface-mount platinum temperature detectors compliant with DIN/EN 60751 in standard AA, A, and B classes for tolerance and temperature range. With high TCR of 3850ppm/°C, these devices combine fast-acting and accurately measurable response, including t0.5 times from 0.1s to 3.3s, with dependable linearity and long-term stability. The halogen-free 0805 and 1206 SMD chip packages allow safe use where flammability is a risk. Standard nominal resistance values are 100Ω, 500Ω, and 1KΩ for measurement current from 1.0mA to 7.0mA. Custom resistances are available to special order.

All three of Riedon’s new temperature sensing and control solutions are available now at Digi-Key. Please visit https://riedon.com for further details.