Rigol enhances appeal of the DS1000Z-Plus by offering 'on-site' MSO upgradeability



Rigol offers an easy MSO-Upgrade for their entry-level Oscilloscope Series

Rigol Technologies EU is going to enhance the attractivity of their Low End Oscilloscope Series DS1000Z by introducing the “on-customer-site” MSO Upgradeability. With this new opportunity it is possible to start with the low-priced DS1000Z-plus model and upgrade the mixed signal functionality later when this new requirement arises. This offers more flexibility and secures the initial investment of customers.

An example is the measurement on controllers and components which utilize analog and digital signals. A typical case which requires a Mixed Signal Oscilloscope is testing Analog-Digital or Digital-Analog- Converters. Here it is crucial that the digital signals and the analog signal are acquired and displayed timesynchron.

From now on the Oscilloscope models DS1000Z (70/100MHz) and DS1000Z-S (70/100MHz) will be delivered as –Plus instruments. These are pre-requisited with the 16 channel Logic Anyalyzer function. Buying the MSO-Upgrade Kit, which consists a new label and the 16 channel Logic Analyzer Probe set, enables the new functionality. Immeditaly after receiving and installing the upgrade kit the scope is ready for the new applications.

The existing MSO1000Z (70/100MHz) and MSO1000Z-S (70/100MHz) models remain in the market. Buying a MSO right at the beginning offer a price advantage. All additional enhancement options like serial decoding (RS232/I2C/SPI), memory extention (12Mpts to 24Mpts), Record function (segmented memory) and extention of trigger types are also later upgradable via Software license.
The new MSO-Upgrades can not be utilized on already bought DS1000Z Oscilloscopse.

The following „MSO Ready“ / -Plus-models are available:
DS1074Z Plus
70 MHz, 4 Channel Oscilloscope
DS1074Z-S Plus
70 MHz, 4 Channel Oscilloscope with integrated 2-channel , 25MHz Arb. Function Generator
DS1104Z Plus
100 MHz, 4 Channel Oscilloscope
DS1104Z-S Plus
100 MHz, 4 Channel Oscilloscope with integrated 2-channel , 25MHz Arb. Function Generator

Education and University user but also industrial customer from R&D or test labs now can verify and evaluate the Rigol Osciloscope (lowest cost) to get first experience and can share this results with all responsible persons about the great quality of Rigol Technlogies products compared to other named supplier. Later they can decide to upgrade functionalities like Serial Decoding or add digital signal channels if needed, to address more complex applications. 

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