Rigol extends their range of power supplies



DP700 series

Rigol Technologies, a leading manufacturer of test and measurement equipment, has expanded its range of power supplies, providing outstanding performance and functionality in the low-cost class. The devices have been developed for optimum ease of use when used in research, development and all laboratory applications. The DP700 series is Rigol's latest generation of power supplies and offers the best value for money.

The new devices of the DP700 series have an output power of up to 150 W, an excellent control behavior, very good transient response (<50 μs) and low residual ripple (DP711: <500 μVrms / 3mVpp,> 2 mA rms and DP712: <500 μVrms / 4 mVpp,> 2 mA rms). The devices also have efficient protection against overvoltage, overload and overtemperature. In addition, a 3.5" TFT screen is installed, where all settings, measured values and waveforms can be displayed clearly (V/A/W). Both models of the DP700 series have an RS232 interface for remote control. Multiple device outputs can be synchronized (multiple devices).

Many additional features can be retrofitted individually by software option. With this, Rigol achieves the maximum flexibility to guarantee the best fit between available budget and necessary performance.

The DP700 series is extended by the following model versions.
Model Power DC Output
DP711 150W 0 - 30V / 5A 1 output
DP712 150W 0 - 50V/ 3A 1 output
The following options can be retrofitted per software code:
HIRES-DP700: 1 mV & 1 mA High resolution
TRIGGER-DP700: External Trigger IN, Internal Trigger OUT
TIMER-DP700: Timer option

For applications in automatic test systems, Rigol offers 19-inch mounting kits for mounting one, two or three devices next to each other. RM-x-DP700: 19-inch rack mount for 1, 2, or 3 devices

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