RIGOL's high-performance, economical DAQ (DMM/multiplexer) system handles up to 320 channels for flexible applications



The M300 combines a DMM with a gauge head selector switch

Rigol Technologies expanded its product offering with their latest data acquisition/data logger switch unit. The M300 combines a DMM with a gauge head selector switch. The highly versatile system can be extended with 5 plug-ins and optionally with a 61/2 digit DMM, 10 different switch and control modules of bipolar switches to matrix cards. For direct connection to a PC or notebook, all relevant interfaces such as LAN (LXI) USB, RS232 and GPIB are available.

The modular system features 16 up to max. 320 channels in a single box and joins exact precision measurement capability with flexible signal connections for multiple text and measurement applications. The intuitive “Web Interface and controller” offers easy remote control over the network with measurement configuration, data logging and monitoring. No computer is required for field applications.

A USB flash drive can be used to upload data logging configurations from the UltraAcquire PC-Software data logger into the M300 and to transfer large data sets back to the computer. The USB stick is simply to be connected to the PC while returning and data is easily imported into a spreadsheet or other applications for data analysis. The multitude of modules enables a wide range of industrial applications. Therefore, the M300 is an ideal, flexible and highly cost-efficient solution especially for systems integrators; at an extra charge, extended software (UltraAquire-Pro) is available.