Rochester Electronics Expands QML Inventory to Include Fairchild Advanced Schottky Technology (FAST) Semiconductor Devices



Rochester Electronics, the world's largest authorized manufacturer and distributor of end-of-life and mature semiconductors, has expanded its inventory and continuing manufacturing services to include the Fairchild Advanced Schottky Technology (FAST) device family. An approved member of the Class V Qualified Manufacturer List (QML) by the Defense Supply Center of Columbus (DSCC), Rochester Electronics is contractually licensed by National Semiconductor, Fairchild, Texas Instruments, and more than 60 other leading original semiconductor manufacturers to provide a continuing manufacturing source for products they no longer produce. Rochester's extensive stock of QML-listed devices, currently more than 1,100, means reduced lead times in the delivery of authorized, high-quality semiconductor devices. Further, Rochester Electronics' QML certification and continuing manufacturing capabilities enable long-term Rochester support for end-of-life and mature semiconductors critical to military and aerospace systems. Rochester is dedicated to providing continuing source programs that support products and systems well into the future. "Rochester is constantly expanding its inventory and continuing semiconductor manufacturing services to include more QML devices," said Paul Gerrish, co-president of Rochester Electronics. "These services ensure that customers have an authorized, long-term source for military-grade semiconductor products. We understand the dangers of counterfeit and substandard devices, and the importance of providing genuine, high-performance semiconductors that meet the stringent requirements of military applications. Rochester is the only continuing manufacturer with the capability to manufacture the Fairchild Advanced Schottky Technology die for the military market." Rochester Electronics is also certified to IS0 9001:2008, AS9120, EN 9120:2002, JISQ 9120 standards; and is QSLD-certified to supply Federal Supply Class (FSC) 5962 microcircuits and electronic devices. Rochester also meets MIL-PRF-38535 space-level certification requirements. In 2007, Rochester received the Chinese Reliable Electronic Component Supplier's Classification (RECS) by China's Ministry of Industry, a joint administrated program by the China Electronic Purchasing Association (CEPA) and the China Quality Association for the Electronics Industry (CQAE). For more information about Rochester Electronics' QML devices, please visit