Rogers Highlights Practical Materials Solutions at Antenna Systems 2010



Rogers Corporation will be showcasing its high performance, cost-effective laminate materials for antenna applications at the upcoming Antenna Systems 2010 conference and expo (October 19-20, 2010, Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center, Dallas, TX). Representatives from Rogers Advanced Circuit Materials (ACM) Division will be present at Booth # 104 to explain the optimal use of Rogers RO3730™, RO4730™, and RO4500™ laminate materials for a wide range of printed-circuit antennas, including in third-generation (3G) and 4G wireless base stations and in broadband WiMAX systems. Antenna Systems 2010 ( is a leading international conference and exhibition devoted to antenna designers, manufacturers, and system integrators focusing on the latest advances in antenna systems and technology. Rogers RO3730, RO4730, and RO4500 laminates are engineered for practical antenna circuits. All three materials exhibit dimensional stability) of better than 0.05mm/m, and all three support manufacturing based on standard processing techniques. For example, RO3730 laminate is a specially formulated, reinforced woven fiber glass material with a stable dielectric constant of 3.0 and low loss tangent of 0.0013 at 2.5GHz. It features outstanding passive intermodulation (PIM) performance of -162dBc, making it ideal for use in cellular base station antennas, The laminate is RoHS compliant and compatible with standard lead-free PTFE-type processing methods. RO4730 LoPro™ laminates combine a low-loss, rigid, thermoset-based dielectric with a low-profile copper foil for consistently high antenna performance. RO4730 LoPro laminates have a dielectric constant of 3.0 and loss of only 0.0023 at 2.5GHz. Using a unique closed-microsphere filler, RO4730 LoPro laminates feature a low thermal coefficient of dielectric constant of 23ppm/°C. Compatible with standard FR-4 processing methods, their excellent -154dBc PIM performance makes RO4730 LoPro laminates suitable for a wide array of antenna designs, including for cellular base stations, WiMAX systems, and WLANs. Rogers RO4500 Series laminates include materials with dielectric constants of 3.3 (RO4533™ laminate), 3.4 (RO4534™ laminate), and 3.5 (RO4535™ laminate) at 2.5GHz, with low loss ranging from 0.0020 to 0.0032 at 2.5GHz. With PIM performance of -155dBc and dimensional stability of better than 0.05%, RO4500 Series laminates are ideal for cellular and WiMAX wireless base station antennas.