Rohde & Schwarz unveils three new channel partner products



Rohde & Schwarz entry-class T&M instruments

Developers and engineers have been relying on the test and measurement expertise of Rohde & Schwarz for more than 80 years. Mainly known for its innovative strength in high-end testing solutions, Rohde & Schwarz is now stepping up the game by transferring this knowledge and the same quality standards to the entry class. The result: innovative test and measurement products at comparable prices as competitive products, but with superior performance.

Three new entry class T&M instruments
The R&S RTB2000 is the first entry-level oscilloscope to offer a 10-bit vertical resolution as well as 10 Msample memory and a 10” touchscreen. The R&S FPC1000 entry-class spectrum analyzer features a flexible keycode upgrade concept, solid RF performance, the largest and highest resolution display in its class and integrated Wi-Fi for remote control. The R&S NGE100 is a practical addition to every user’s lab bench, offering a two- or three-channel 66 W/100 W power supply with galvanically isolated and potential-free channels, low ripple and protection functionality for voltage, current and power – separately settable for each channel.

Extending channel partner network
For these easy-to-use instruments, Rohde & Schwarz is extending its network of distributors and channel partners in key regions around the world. Over 100 distributors have now added Rohde & Schwarz value instruments to their portfolio. This poses a significant change in the Rohde & Schwarz distribution strategy, which formerly consisted mainly of direct distribution of its predominantly high-end portfolio.

Bob Bluhm, Vice President Value Instruments at Rohde & Schwarz was appointed to further accelerate this development: “We have set our mind on building an industry-defining portfolio in the entry-level range that is ideal for channel partner distribution. For a company traditionally associated with high-end RF testing solutions, this is a significant step towards our goal to become a full portfolio provider. We challenged our engineers to create new instrumentation in this price class in response to increasing customer and market needs. They enthusiastically accepted the challenge and succeeded in delivering world-class test and measurement products at a previously inconceivable price performance ratio with the quality expected from Rohde & Schwarz.”

Rohde & Schwarz