ROHM highlights high-performance D/A converter IC


ROHM will showcase the latest audio D/A converter IC and a hearing demo at hifideluxe munich 2019.

The show will be held at the same time as HIGH END, the trade fair for audio equipment in Munich, Germany (May 09 – 11, 2019).


The increased adoption of high-resolution audio sources has strengthened the demand for high-fidelity audio equipment that can deliver an equally high sound quality. Moreover, higher-level designs of audio ICs are required to pursuit of high-fidelity audio.


The basis of 50 years of expertise in developing audio ICs has allowed ROHM to establish ‘sound quality design technology’ capabilities for high-fidelity audio equipment that is close to the original sound source. ROHM offers products designed with an emphasis on sound quality; including sound processors and power supply ICs under the audio device brand, "ROHM Musical Device MUS-IC".


During last year's hifideluxe, ROHM showcased the D/A converter IC, which is one of the most important components to determine the quality of audio equipment, for the first time as a test chip.

This year, ROHM will demonstrate the newest D/A converter IC "BD34301EKV" which has achieved an outstanding performance and will be mass-production this fall.


Overview of ROHM exhibition


Date and Time: 09th – 11th May (09-10th: 12:00-20:00 / 11th: 11:00-18:00)

Location: Room 522, 5th floor, Marriott Hotel Munich