RRC Portable Power Solution Shipping from Sager Electronics


Includes Power Management Modules, Battery Chargers, Standard Battery Packs and Accessories

Sager Electronics is now stocking RRC Power Solution's complete portable power solution for medical and industrial designs.

RRC offers a complete portable power solution, including power management modules, battery chargers, standard battery packs and accessories. RRC Power Solutions' standard batteries are approved worldwide, and many well-known medical devices already rely on RRC standard battery packs.

While it normally takes several years to develop a medical device and find the right portable power supply, RRC standard batteries can be used without additional development time and costs. Furthermore, the batteries are developed and tested to the highest standards (ISO13485 FDA QS. Reg 820) and provide a high performance.

RRC's power management modules, battery chargers, and standard battery packs are in stock at Sager Electronics.

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