RS Components adds Infineon IGBT modules to power semi portfolio



Infineon IGBT modules

RS Components, a distributor for engineers, has added 75 new Infineon IGBT modules to its portfolio of over 200 products from leading vendors, bringing greater choice to designers and installers seeking energy-efficient solutions to power conversion and control challenges. The new modules are suitable for applications such as motor controls, induction heaters, welders, UPS systems, air conditioners, and auxiliary or solar inverters. There are single, dual, quad and hex IGBT configurations. One module contains seven IGBTs and an emitter-controlled diode.

Several technologies are supported, including fast IGBTs as well as third- and fourth-generation trench-gate/field-stop. IGBT4 technology offers up to 50% higher current density, allowing a 150°C maximum junction temperature, which enables higher output power than IBGT3, by utilising the full temperature swing under identical cooling conditions. The trench gate structure significantly improves performance in terms of VCEsat values. Combined with switching improvements in dynamic and static losses as well as switching speed and softness of each device, the VCEsat enhancement has increased efficiency as well as power cycling (PC) providing increased lifetime expectation.

IGBT4 trench gate design and field stop, combined with innovative packages, provides the next level in reliable devices with highest power integration and the lowest power losses. Several modules integrate an NTC thermistor simplifying thermal protection increasing robust design capabilities.

By providing a choice of 600V, 650V, 1200V and 1700V ratings, across current ratings of 16A-675A, the new modules allow enhanced safety margins for superior reliability, extending service life and reducing overall maintenance costs.

To enhance flexibility for system designers and installers, a wide range of proven packages are supported, including press-fit or soldered contacts and various EconoPIM™ and EasyPIM™ formats such as ECONO2, ECONO4, ECONOD, EASY1B, EASY2B and EASY750. 7-pin modules in 62mm and 34mm widths are also available. Modules with isolated copper baseplate technology ensure high thermal efficiency and allow versatile cooling options. 15A to 70A modules in the EASY1B package, feature thermally enhancing aluminium oxide (Al2O3) substrates.


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