RS Components delivers flexible, cost-effective rack power with modular RS Pro PDUs featuring power management options


New family of power distribution units delivers RS Pro value in versatile configurations with hot-pluggable power-metering/remote-monitoring options

RS Components has introduced easily upgradeable power distribution units (PDUs) to its high-quality high-value RS Pro range, which give flexibility to retrofit power metering or networked power monitoring cost effectively and with minimal disruption.

The new family of PDUs offer versatile configurations, presenting an elegant solution for various types of racks. Choices include up to 24 Euro 2-pin (Shuko or NF 2P+T), UK 3-pin, or IEC socket outlets, and with CEE 7/7 or British-Standard (BS) mains plug, 16A or 32A BS4343 plug, or IEC inlet.

All configurations are available as basic PDUs, which can be upgrades to metered PDUs with an ammeter module, or fully monitored PDUs featuring an SNMP management module with Ethernet ports for remote power monitoring.

Easy upgradeability makes the new RS Pro PDUs a smart investment. A basic PDU without power monitoring can be installed quickly and easily at little cost. It can then be upgraded easily and economically at any time in the future simply by adding the desired power-monitoring module, which can be ordered individually. Because the modules are hot-pluggable, operators can start monitoring power usage without having to take equipment offline. They can also save by investing in one module to share among several PDUs for temporary fault finding or data gathering.

Adding the metering module to a basic PDU gives access to power data via the module’s built-in LCD panel. The more sophisticated, firmware-upgradeable SNMP management module allows users to monitor input current, voltage, power, energy consumption, and power factor via a web interface, and to set SNMP traps and receive automatic email alerts about any faults. Daisy chaining allows full monitoring of up to five PDUs.