RS Components launches new online Connectivity Hub



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RS Components (RS) the world's leading high service distributor of electronics and maintenance products and the trading brand of Electrocomponents plc (LSE:ECM), has established a new 'Connectivity Hub' portal on its website to provide electronics design engineers, technical managers and students with an easy way to locate, design and buy a wide range of connectivity components, devices and equipment. RS Components stocks thousands of products that are designed to connect devices together, from board level design to interface cards, dongles and cables. Now, the Connectivity Hub provides a single site that links the major connectivity technologies used today in electronics design to the extensive range of products available from RS, along with further information and other useful links. The hub links to a wide range of products from multiple manufacturers that are designed for use in various connectivity technologies including: USB, Ethernet, I2C, Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and low-power RF (Radio Frequency). The hub will be updated on a regular basis, adding new product ranges, individual components and devices, in addition to product offers and the latest industry news. "Our world is becoming increasingly connected - almost every electronic product in our home, or school, or workplace has been designed to communicate with another device," said Fred Knowles, Head of Product Management, Electronics, at RS Components. "Whether at the board-design or end-equipment-interface level, connectivity is clearly an elemental constituent in modern product development, and we believe that this new RS hub will further ease the task for designers to quickly find and buy the right components for their innovative designs." Generic types of connectivity products available via the hub include:

  • USB - cables, connectors, power and interface ICs, microcontrollers, USB-to-serial converters, computer peripherals, Flash memory keys, PLCs and logic control, temperature and process heating, hard disk drives and USB hubs.
  • Ethernet - cables, connectors, converter ICs, hubs, development kits, wireless routers and access points.
  • Low-power RF - transmitters, receivers, transceivers, Zigbee modules, developments kits and connectors.
  • I2C - MCUs and DSPs, ADCs and DACs, potentiometers, EPROMs, Real-Time Clocks, sensors and accelerometers, development kits, logic and interface ICs and multiplexers.
  • PoE - power supplies, transformers, controller ICs and networking products, plus cables and connectors.
The RS Components Connectivity Hub is available at: