RS Components now stocking KEMET HV C0G FT-CAP high-voltage ceramic capacitors



KEMET HV C0G FT-CAP capacitors

RS Components, the trading brand of Electrocomponents, has extended its support for high-voltage design by adding the latest KEMET HV C0G FT-CAP ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) from 500V to 2500V, in a range of popular capacitance values from 30pF to 3.3nF. KEMET’s strong but pliable FT-CAP Flexible Termination technology isolates the capacitor body from board stresses to protect the device against internal cracking that can cause low insulation resistance or short-circuit failures in conventional MLCCs. In addition, KEMET’s advanced C0G dielectric and proprietary base-metal electrode system ensure industry-leading performance, high effective capacitance and exceptional capacitance stability up to 125°C.

By also ensuring consistent performance at high frequencies, the KEMET HV C0G FT-CAP capacitors are ideal for use as snubbers or filters in applications such as switching power supplies and lighting ballasts. High volumetric efficiency and resistance to extreme environmental conditions such as thermal cycling also make these devices a dependable choice in automotive, telecommunications, medical, defence, aerospace, semiconductors and test/diagnostic equipment. In addition to commercial grade devices, automotive grade devices are available which meet the demanding Automotive Electronics Council's AEC–Q200 qualification requirements.

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