RS Components stocks high-density capacitors from Vishay


RS Components has introduced a new range of 225 EDLC-R ENYCAP ruggedised capacitors manufactured by Vishay/BC Components.

Designed for energy storage in industrial, renewable energy and automotive environments, MAL2225 polarised electrostatic double-layer capacitors (EDLCs) combine high capacity and energy density with fast charge and discharge rates.

MAL2225 capacitors are the industry’s first to offer a useful life of 2000 hours at +85°C and are available to meet the most demanding moisture resistance qualification: the AEC-Q200 biased 85/85 1000-hour accelerated lifetime test. This long useful life is double that of standard EDLCs, allowing maintenance-free operation and increasing electronic design flexibility. At 20°C the useful lifetime is upward of 10 years.

The high humidity resistance allows for use in harsh environments in applications such as micro-UPS power sources, burst power support, energy harvesting and recovery, robotics, handheld electronics, smart meters, solar panels and emergency lighting.

MAL2225 capacitors have a rated voltage of 2.7 V and offer a range of rated capacitances from 20 F to 60 F. Energy storage capacity per device is between 0.015 and 0.061 Wh, with energy densities ranging from 2.2 to 4.1 Wh/kg. Maximum peak charge/discharge current is between 20 and 35 A.

Vishay/BC Components MAL225 EDLC-R ENYCAP capacitors are through-hole radial devices available in eight compact case sizes ranging from 16 x 20 mm to 18 x 40 mm, shipping now from RS in the EMEA and Asia Pacific regions. mal2225&r=f