Rugged flat flex cable to PCB connection system


Nicomatic is offering a complete system of flat-flex cable to PCB interconnect based around its patented CrimpFlex system.

CrimpFlex complies with the most rigorous electrical and mechanical requirements.

CrimpFlex contacts ensure excellent mechanical retention and electrical contact by piercing the flat-flex cable conductor in 6 points; this is the basis for the Nicomatic patent, and the contacts can pierce cable materials including polyester, FR4, polyimide, PTFE and more. Contacts are available on 1.27mm and 2.54mm pitch, in male, male solder tab and female versions to meet most requirements. Female contacts are selectively gold or tin plated, and are available in three versions: Hi-Flex; low insertion force; and high insertion force. Operating temperature is from -55°C to +150°C.

CrimpFlex housings, classified to UL94V-0, are made from thermoplastic filled with fibre glass making them very durable. They can be configured as single or double row devices offering 2-50 ways (2.54mm pitch) and 4-100 ways (1.27mm pitch). Many variants are available including locking polarized, high density and right-angled versions. They are compatible not only with Nicomatic's range of PCB headers, but with generally-existing 0.635mm market-standards products.

A full range of male and female shunts plus crimping tools are also available.

Comments Sebastien Charbonnel, Director, Nicomatic Germany: "The CrimpFlex interconnection system including matching PCB connectors delivers tremendous versatility to our customers. It is a proven, one-stop-shop solution for demanding industrial applications."

A CrimpFlex selection guide is available for download.