Rugged High-Power Connector for Industrial Environments



Hirose has launched a rugged high-power connector for industrial environments. Available in a lightweight plated plastic resin or a Zinc die cast shell, the PQ50 Series connector is rated up to 600 V.

The PQ50 Series connector has a highly reliable 2-point contact design, which is beneficial when used in high vibration industrial applications like robotics. The PQ50 Series is also ideal for high-precision processing machinery, nanotechnology manufacturing equipment, wafer/LCD carrier machines, and more.

The high-power connector is also available in a water-resistant version. The PQ50W is IP65-rated for harsh environment applications including assembly and food processing.

With a flexible coding key system that prevents incorrect mating, the PQ50 Series connector supports in-line and panel mount interconnect options. A reliable side latch, or interlock lever/cam, offers rugged locking options with a clear tactile click. The cable clamp design provides a pull strength of 98 N minimum.

Offering panel attachment flexibility and simplicity, the same female receptacle supports both front and rear attachment.

Ground contacts connect to the plates resin shell to quickly and easily provide secure grounding.

Rated at 600 V, the PQ50 supports NFPA79 compliant cables for industrial machinery, which ensures safeguards for industrial machinery to protect operators, equipment, facilities, and work-in-progress from fire and electrical hazards.

The PQ50 Series has an operating temperature range of -40 degree C to +105 degree C and a rated current of 9A per pin when all 20 pins are used) or 19 Amps maximum in single pin configurations.

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