Ruggedized Dual Charging Station Announced by ClipperCreek


ClipperCreek's popular HCS-D dual charging station charges two vehicles simultaneously and is now offered in a ruggedized configuration

AUBURN, Calif. -- ClipperCreek just announced its new ruggedized dual electric vehicle (EV) charging station solution, the HCS-D40R. The HCS-D40R is a 32 Amp, level 2 hardwired station that installs onto a single dedicated 40A circuit and can charge two vehicles simultaneously. The HCS-D40R automatically splits power between two vehicles based on the vehicles' requests for power, with up to 16 Amps of electricity each when both are charging and up to 32 Amps when one vehicle is charging.

The HCS-D40R features two rubber overmolded crush and impact resistant J1772 universal connectors and a 5 year warranty as well as ClipperCreek's standard best-in-class features including 25 foot charging cables, and a rugged, fully sealed NEMA 4 enclosure. The HCS-D40R dual charging station is available for $1,549 from ClipperCreek. The HCS-D40R is an affordable solution designed for fleet, parking lot, heavy usage applications and extreme weather conditions. The Ruggedized option is offered at an excellent value of only $200 over the affordable base price of $1349 for the hardwired HCS-D40.

The HCS-D40R requires no assembly and comes ready for wall mount installation, or can be mounted on one of several free-standing pedestal options. The ClipperCreek Pro Mount Duo (PMD-10) pedestal can support up to two HCS-D40R stations, allowing up to 4 vehicles to charge simultaneously from a single pedestal. "This dual station saves valuable space and electrical capacity for parking facilities, while also offering a valuable amenity as EV adoption surges," said Will Barrett, Director of Sales at ClipperCreek.

"We continue to develop products that reflect our commitment to advancing electric vehicles and bring the greatest value to our customers. The dual station gives property owners an opportunity to offer double the number of charging spaces they would otherwise be able to support, and does so affordably," said Jason France, President and Founder of ClipperCreek. "In the 25 years we've been building stations for commercial use, we've found the connector can take a real beating in some environments. Customers have asked for an even tougher connector option. In response, we developed this overmolded connector with a replaceable latch. We stand behind this connector's durability by pairing it with a 5 year product warranty."

The HCS-D40R qualifies for ClipperCreek's "Trade-UP" program. For a limited time, consumers who purchase the HCS Dual charging station can sell their functioning used HCS-40, HCS-40R or HCS-40P back to ClipperCreek for $250. The new HCS-D40R mounts to the same bolt pattern and utilizes the same service, making the upgrade both easy and affordable.

Features of the HCS-D40R include:

  • 7.7kW of power to charge two electric vehicles quickly
  • 32 Amp hardwired station that installs onto a single dedicated 40A circuit
  • Charges two vehicles simultaneously, automatically splitting power with up to 16 Amps of electricity each when both are charging and up to 32 Amps when one vehicle is charging
  • Two Type 4X watertight and corrosion resistant rubber overmolded impact and crush-resistant SAE-J1772TM universal connectors, suitable for charging any electric vehicle in the US
  • Connectors feature field-replaceable latches
  • Fully sealed NEMA 4 station enclosure for indoor or outdoor installation
  • Operating temperatures: -22°F to 122°F (-30°C to 50°C)
  • Integrated cable wrap making storing the cables simple and convenient
  • 5-year warranty and support from the outstanding ClipperCreek customer service team
  • Two 25 foot charging cables for installation flexibility and superior vehicle reach
  • Two SAE-J1772 connector holsters included
  • No assembly required
  • Made in America

The HCS-D40R is available for purchase immediately at