Russian government approves legislation amendments to energy-efficiency strategy


Amendments based on experts' recommendations

Click image to enlarge: Final energy consumption in Russia by sector (2009)

TheRussian government has approved awide-ranging package ofamendments toexisting legislation in the country's stalled energy-efficiency strategy. Changes unveiled late last week, reports The Moscow Times, include amendments tothe laws regulating state guarantees tolower theminimum possible credit that regional governments andorganisations are able totake out, greater focus onenergy efficiency inthe transportation andindustrial spheres, and replacement ofobligatory energy performance audits by mandatory measures. Largely based onrecommendations drawn up at an experts conference in April in Yekaterinburg, these are meant tokick-start the2009 Energy Efficiency Law thattargets Russia's energy consumption being slashed on 2007 levels by40% of GDP by 2020. Every government agency is also required tocarry out audits ofits energy consumption andeach regional government is todraw up anenergy-efficiency strategy. It is said energy consumption inthe public sector has fallen 14% since 2007. But some estimate about 50% of organizations charged to produce anenergy audit will fail todo so bythe end of year deadline, and that many of the audits produced are ofpoor quality andnot suitable forpractical use. Moscow Times report