Rutronik becomes worldwide distributor for Sensirion



From right to left:
Solience Ngansso, Product Sales Manager Analog & Sensors at Rutronik
Martin Grimmer, Senior Marketing Manager Analog & Sensors at Rutronik
Christian Constantin, Distribution Channel Manager at Sensirion
Hartmut Welte, Area Sales Manager DACH / International Sales at Sensirion

With effect from 1st of November 2015, Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente will be serving as a global distributor for Sensirion. In doing so, Rutronik is further developing its extensive sensor portfolio and supporting Sensirion in its global sales and support operations for high-quality sensors and sensor solutions.

The global franchise agreement includes the Sensirion humidity and temperature sensors, differential pressure sensors and mass flow meters. "With Rutronik, we offer our customers the best service while also meeting the growing requirements of forward-looking markets for increased efficiency and performance," explained Christian Constantin, Distribution Channel Manager at Sensirion.

The manufacturer's sensors are based on CMOSens technology, which enables the fusion of the sensor element and analog and digital analysis technology in a single CMOS silicon chip. The result is a sensor chip that enables cost-effective, high-precision and reliable detection of physical parameters. “Sensirion's SHTxx series of humidity and temperature sensors have established themselves as a genuine market standard with their high integration capability and small construction size. This is why we are glad that we will now also be able to offer these to our customers in the future," explained Martin Grimmer, Senior Marketing Manager Analog & Sensors at Rutronik.

Sensirion's humidity and temperature sensors output a digital, fully calibrated signal and are recognizable by their high long-term stability. They are deployed in a wide range of applications, with the fastest growth currently being observed in the IoT (Internet of Things) market. Their low energy consumption makes them ideally suited to remote-controlled and mobile applications. The differential pressure sensors and mass flow meters are used to precisely gauge gas flows and form the basis for the correct control of burner controllers, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, and medical applications. Other target markets of the Sensirion sensors include home appliance, automotive, consumer electronics / IoT, industrial automation and smart energy.