Rutronik Electronics Worldwide



Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH has provided global support for its customers for some time. It includes the entire range of electronic components and logistics solutions, as well as technical, logistical, and commercial support. The newly founded "Global Key Account Management" department is responsible for central global customer services. Using its pan-European organisational structure as a base, Rutronik has taken the next step and is supplying its full portfolio of products and services throughout the world. Outside Europe the broadliner currently has a branch office in Mexico and maintains several hubs which are used to supply customers throughout the world. Over one hundred customers have already opted for the distributor's global support.

"The crucial factor for our global commitment is the network," said Thomas Rudel, CEO of Rutronik, as he explained the strategy. "It means that we can offer the same service to our customers worldwide, by offering a cross-border, consistent delivery and advice service." Global key account management Rutronik has set up a Global Key Account Management department to look after its global customers. Headed by Ernst Gengenbach, the department provides a central contact to globally operating customers. Gengenbach possesses the expertise and authority to negotiate at director level and to enter into contracts. Contracts are implemented locally at the sites. Here too, customers have a permanent contact to provide them with local support. To ensure consistent processes, all Rutronik branch offices are interlinked organisationally and via the IT system. With its globally uniform IT system and universal organisational structure, Rutronik is in a position to react quickly in every location to customers' requirements and, if appropriate, to set up new branch offices. As a broadliner, Rutronik also has many years of experience in handling large quantities and therefore possesses the relevant process controls, organisational structure and logistics concepts. "This principle makes it easy for us to extend our offer geographically. With this step we have responded to our customers' requirements; even when they are expanding or relocating their production facilities into Asia, America or Russia, or are opening new sites, they want to have the service they are used to," explained Thomas Rudel. "In this development we are consistently following our strategic objectives, which are: to grow faster than the market and to improve our quality. We are endeavouring to achieve organic growth aligned to our customers' needs and the requirements of the markets concerned."