Rutronik now carries 650V fast body diode MOSFETs from Vishay



Vishay fast body diode n-channel power MOSFETs

With the new 650V EF series, distributor Rutronik presents Vishay’s expanded portfolio of fast body diode n-channel power MOSFETs. It includes the Vishay Siliconix SiHx21N65EF, SiHx28N65EF, and SiHG33N65EF, providing additional voltage headroom for industrial, telecom, and renewable energy applications.

The new 650V EF series provides a full complement to Vishay’s standard E series components by delivering a 10 times lower Qrr and increased reliability than standard MOSFETs, while offering 650V options to supply additional voltage headroom. The devices can be used in zero voltage switching and soft switching topologies such as phase-shifted bridges and LLC converter half bridges, as well as in hard switching topologies where the body diode MOSFET operates only in the first quadrant.

Thanks to their lower Qrr, the devices can regain the ability to block the full breakdown voltage more quickly, helping to avoid failure from shoot-through and thermal overstress. Their ultra-low on-resistance and gate charge translate into extremely low conduction and switching losses, thus saving energy in high-power, high-performance switch mode applications. They can withstand high energy pulses in the avalanche and commutation mode.

The devices are offered in thin-leed TO-220 FullPAK, D2PAK (TO-263), TO-247AC, TO-220AB, and PowerPAK 8x8 packages.