Rutronik presents high-current connectors from Amphenol


Cable/Wire, Connection/Mounting, High Power

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The high-current connectors of Amphenol FCI‘s „SheerPwr Circular“ series are reliable and robust.

„SheerPwr Circular“ from Amphenol FCI is a high-current, low-resistance interface designed for connecting busbars to circuit boards. It uses a robust and compliant power contact assembled in a circular orientation. The result is a power socket, designed to mate with traditional machined pins, which provides repeated low resistance, high misalignment, and high current carrying capabilities. In other words, even if the pins are fully misaligned, all of the silver plated contacts still make contact with the pin. Large beam deflection range handles up to ±0.64 mm permanent misalignment. Current carrying ranges delivering 70 A, 120 A or 160 A are possible depending on the respective pin diameters (3.6 mm, 6 mm and 8 mm). Thanks to JEDEC-JS709 qualification, the SheerPwr is ideal for many industrial application ranges, but can also be applied in other market segments such as datacom/telecom and medical technology.

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