Rutronik presents RF Digital's new RFDANT



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RF Digital's patent pending RFDANT is a full 2.4GHz ISM radio transceiver including the patent pending RFDP8 protocol, completely built into an antenna form factor. This allows the entire radio transceiver to be outside of the product. Only the power and signal cable will extend into the product enclosure, where they are connected to the PCB with a simple 1.5mm SMT or through-hole connector. The RFD21742 RFDANT is CE / ETSI tested compliant, the RFD21743 is CE / ETSI and FCC approved and certified. Both RFDANTs are available now at distributor Rutronik. The RFDANT's special design enables it to reach an amazing 600m range while remaining an Ultra Low Power device able to run off of a coin cell battery for years. It is suitable for mounting to virtually any type of end- product, regardless if the enclosure is plastic, metal, glass or any other material. The entire radio transceiver is mounted inside the antenna enclosure, so it does not take any space inside the product enclosure and can be used as a wireless retrofit for nearly any product. Besides, there is no loss of RF power to the antenna from the module, which results in the most effective power transfer ratio possible, providing lowest power consumption possible to achieve a specific range. The radio being inside of the antenna and outside of the enclosure allows for more room inside of the enclosure. Above that, there are nearly no interferences with the electronics inside of the enclosures resulting in better range and performance of the wireless system. The actual effective antenna is pushed away from the enclosure, which reduces the effect of holding the enclosure, therefore improving the performance, range and predictability of the wireless system.