Rutronik presents sensor MLX75023 and chip MLX75123 from Melexis



The MLX75123 TOF companion chip and the MLX75023 TOF optical sensor array chipset

MLX75023 Time-of-Flight (TOF) sensor together with MLX75123 companion chip provides a complete TOF solution. The MLX75023 supports up to QVGA resolution with unpaired sunlight rejection. The chipset offers performance, flexibility, simplifies the design and allows a very compact 3D camera.


The MLX75123 TOF companion chip and the MLX75023 TOF optical sensor array chipset, has been designed to facilitate the design and minimize component count of a TOF camera aiming for sunlight robustness and operation over a broad temperature range.The sensor features 320 x 240 (QVGA) pixels based on DepthSense® technology. This unique design allows up to 120 klux background light rejection in typical application conditions.


The TOF Chipset provides integrated light source control and thanks to its high-speed output, which enables a peak rate of 600 raw frames per second, it can be used to track for fast moving objects. Features include up to 40MHz modulation frequency, 12-bit parallel camera interface up to 80Mpix/s, up to 120 klux background light robustness and extended diagnostics.


The MLX75123 controls the MLX75023 TOF sensor, the illumination unit and streams data to the host processor. Its built-in high speed ADCs convert the analog sensor data and support system features like region-of-interest, configurable timings, statistics & diagnostics, and programmable modulation. Operating temperature ranges between -20°C and +85°C and -40°C and +105°C.


The TOF sensor is available in a small glass BGA form factor while the TOF companion chip comes in a compact 7x7mm² ELP package.