Rutronik to carry Samsung SDI's battery portfolio in EMEA



Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente and Samsung SDI have concluded a franchise agreement for the EMEA region. The agreement covers Samsung SDI's battery product portfolio, with the focus on cylindrical lithium-ion batteries. This means that Rutronik can offer a comprehensive product portfolio for battery management systems with semiconductors, passive electromechanical components and the battery cells.

The cylindrical battery cells have key significance on the industrial market. The way they are constructed with a rigid case means that they are particularly safe. As the battery cell completely determines the parameters and specifications with which the battery management system works, it is the main design driver and it is what determines the optimum selection of active and passive components for the respective application. Together with its franchise partners, Rutronik now covers the entire product portfolio, so customers can obtain a perfectly matched system from a single supplier.

In addition, lithium-ion cells require a carefully tuned battery management system that can measure charging and discharge currents very accurately and monitor cell voltages with a precision in the order of single millivolts. This is where customers can rely on the detailed know-how of Rutronik's FAEs and product engineers. Sound expertise is needed not only when it comes to deciding where to use lithium-ion batteries, but also for their handling.

Lithium-ion batteries are classed as hazardous goods, and they require a very well thought-through logistical system supported by an end-to-end system of documentation. With its centralized and globally consistent organization and IT system, Rutronik is uniquely capable of implementing such a system worldwide.

Samsung SDI has been developing and manufacturing lithium-ion batteries for over 15 years, and since 2010 it has been world market leader with the largest market share. "With its lithium-ion batteries, Samsung SDI is setting standards throughout the world. Extremely innovative technologies and strict quality assurance give Samsung SDI a plus in terms of mobility, freedom of design and performance, making for lighter, slimmer and nevertheless more powerful end devices," explains Andreas Mangler, Director Strategic Marketing & Communications at Rutronik. "The cylindrical cells manufactured by Samsung SDI also have the advantage that their form factor is maintained over long periods – a decisive criterion for industrial products with long service lives."

The target applications include e-bikes and e-boats, fork-lift trucks and electrically driven vehicles of all kinds, energy storage systems, photovoltaic backup systems, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), medical devices, electrical tools, telecom applications and much more.