S06-packaged optocouplers suit industrial and home automation apps



Toshiba Electronics Europe (TEE) has announced two optocouplers optimized for RS-232 and RS232-C communications. The TLP2301 and TLP2303 address emerging requirements for devices that fill the price/performance gap' between general-purpose transistor couplers and IC couplers operating from 1Mbps. Target applications will include factory automation and other industrial systems, appliances, smart metering and building automation. Toshiba's TLP2301 offers transmission rates up to 20kbps, allowing it to support the low-speed 9.6kbps or 19.2kbps of RS-232 communications. The TLP2303 supports the mid-speed 115.2kbps required by RS-232C communications. Both of the new devices can be driven at a low input current of 1mA. The TLP2301 and TLP2303 consist of a high-speed photo detector that is optically coupled to a high-output GaAlAs infrared LED. The performance of the LED guarantees rated transmission delay times, even under a low input current condition of 1mA. The TLP2301 provides a significantly improved transmission delay time compared to general-purpose transistor optocouplers by incorporating a discharging resistor for the base stored charge on the photo-detector. The TLP2303 has a light-receiving chip with a high-speed photo Darlington transistor configuration, achieving up to 800% high current transfer ratio (IC/IF) at an input current of 1.6 mA. Both of the optocouplers are supplied in an SO6 package. Despite a maximum height of 2.3mm, minimum creepage and clearance distances are 5mm and minimum input-output isolation voltage is rated at 3.75kVrms. The TLP2301 and TLP2303 are rated for operation at temperatures from -55°C to 125°C and -40°C to 125°C respectively. Toshiba