Safety-focused 3-position SBS 75G connector has touch-safe housings and first-mate, last-break ground



Anderson 3-pole SBS 75G connector

Anderson Power Products announced an addition to the SBS® connector family with the release of their 3-pole SBS 75G connector. SBS 75G is ideal for enhancing safety in mid-point grounded battery systems by combining touch safe genderless housings with a premate ground position. The SBS connector family features PCB-to-wire and wire-to-wire solutions for up to 110 amps. Low resistance silver plated contacts for wire sizes from #6 AWG (16 mm²) to 16 AWG (1.5 mm²) are held inside compact and ergonomic housings with a touch-safe interface.

SBS 75G is available as genderless wire housing or a right angle PCB connector. Housings utilize the voltage key feature introduced on the SB® connector to avoid unintentional cross mating of circuits.

The connector mating interface is touch-safe in all three positions, providing protection to the user by eliminating finger contact with live circuits per IEC 60950. This feature is required by UL for use in systems operating above 30 volts, where risk of shock can be health threatening in the presence of moisture. The genderless design allows both sides of the connection to be touch safe, which is valuable in applications involving batteries, capacitors, or cord sets functioning as a jumper.

The right-angle PCB connector has a compact power-to-size ratio that maximizes available PCB real estate. Press fit retainers on the housing secure and correctly position the connector to the PCB prior to soldering. SBS 75G PCB connector is sold as a fully assembled connector ready to pick and place for solder termination.

Anderson Power Products