Sager Electronics Offers ATEX Gas Sensor from NevadaNano



Sager Electronics is now stocking NevadaNano’s Molecular Property Spectrometer (MPS) Low Global Warming (LGW) Refrigerant Gas Sensor.

NevadaNano’s Refrigerant Gas Sensor provides accurate and reliable detection of flammable (A2L) R32, R454b and other LGW refrigerant gases common in leaks in HVAC applications. With a 5 year calibration interval, these Refrigerant Gas Sensors deliver industry-leading performance with a low cost of ownership. Sensor readings are output to a digital bus or with a configurable voltage output. No additional electronics are required.

NevadaNano’s MPS transducer is a micro-machined membrane with an embedded Joule heater and resistance thermometer. The sensing element is mounted on a PCB and packaged inside a filtered enclosure open to ambient air. Presence of a flammable refrigerant gas causes changes in the thermodynamic properties of the air/gas mixture that are measured by the transducer. The thermodynamic property measurements are processed by patent-pending algorithms to report an accurate concentration.

In addition, NevadaNano's MPS Gas Sensor family has earned ATEX certification. All NevadaNano’s Smart Gas Sensor modules are certified for use in hazardous locations across the globe to the IECEx/ATEX/CSA/FM/UL standards.

NevadaNano’s MPS LGW Refrigerant Gas Sensors are in stock at Sager Electronics.

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