Sager Electronics Offers Conxall's Sealed Connectors



Sager Electronics is now stocking Switchcraft Conxall’s Micro-Con-X Insta-Click Sealed Connector series.

Switchcraft Conxall's new Micro-Con-X Insta-Click product line adds several key improvements for even harsher environment applications. An all new latching mechanism provides an automatic positive lock while improving the water resistance rating to IP68 when it is used a part of a molded cable assembly. A new, high quality plastic material offers UV resistance.

With up to seven contacts in a compact design, the new Micro-Con-X Insta-Click sealed connectors offer hundreds of configurations. The Insta-Click spring loaded latching mechanism locks automatically and the connectors mate with special Insta-Click panel mount connectors.

Switchcraft Conxall’s Micro-Con-X Insta-Click Sealed Connector series are in stock at Sager Electronics. Click here to learn more.