Sager Electronics Offers Molex’s Opto Assemblies



Sager Electronics is now stocking Molex’s OptoHD, OptoDP, and OptoUSB assemblies. 

Delivering uncompressed video with superior resolution, Molex's OptoHD, OptoDP and OptoUSB Active Optical Cable (AOC) assemblies offer familiar passive plug-and-play interfaces with reliable signal integrity performance up to 100.0m. Capable of transmitting ultra HD video, the Opto, OptoDP and OptoHD AOC assemblies meet today's data demands in the medical and industrial automation markets.

When consumer displays are more than 3.0m from their source, copper cables may need multiple connections to cover the distance, often creating connectivity failures at multiple points. OptoUSB, OptoDP and OptoHD AOC Assemblies’ lengths are up to 100m, eliminating the need for multiple connection points and reducing the possibility of connectivity failure.

Molex’s OptoHD, OptoDP, and OptoUSB AOC assemblies are in stock at Sager Electronics. Click here to learn more.