Sager Electronics Releases Line Card for Battery Solutions


Highlights Custom Battery Assemblies and Battery Pack Design

Sager Electronics and its specialized group, Sager Power Systems, announced the release of a new battery solutions line card.

As an authorized distributor and value-add reseller working with many of the industry’s top battery brands, Sager’s new, full-color line card showcases both its standard battery offering as well as custom battery packs designed and manufactured in the company’s 18,000 sq. ft. Battery Solutions Center, located in Lisle, IL. The piece also details the value-add capabilities for batteries available from Sager including SolidWorks 3D modeling, battery case design and prototyping, ultrasonic welding, fuel gauging, in-house test and qualification lab, and product safety testing and certification.

“We specialize in battery assemblies and battery packs designed from Lithium Ion, Lithium Primary, Nickel-based, Sealed Lead Acid and Pure Lead chemistries,” stated Kurt Padera, Director of Business Development for Sager’s Battery Solutions Center. “This new line card allows us to better communicate the scope of our mobile power solutions and value-add capabilities.”

The electronic version of the battery solutions line card is available on