Sager Electronics Ships Vox Power's Conduction-Cooled Power Supply



Sager Electronics is now stocking Vox Power’s VCCS300 series of conduction-cooled AC/DC power supplies.

The silent 300W series produces continuous output power in just a 2”x 4” x 1.61” package. The all-in-one solution can be cooled using conduction, convection, or forced air cooling techniques. The VCCS300 series is an ideal power solution for applications where high efficiency, rugged reliability, silent operation, and BF rating are factors. Offering voltages ranging from 12V to 58V, this product series produces power densities exceeding 23W/in3 with efficiencies up to 95% in a scalable power architecture.

Vow Power’s VCCS300 single output conduction-cooled AC/DC power supply is in stock at Sager Electronics. Click here to learn more.