SATEC Adds BACnet Protocol to Its Energy Metering Products


Addition enables seamless integration of the segment leading BFM136 and BFM-II Branch Feeder Monitors with BACnet commercial building automation systems

SATEC, Inc., announces the addition of BACnet to the suite of protocols included as standard along with MODBUS and DNP provided with its BFM136 and BFM-II Branch Feeder Monitors.

This communications protocol update addresses the specific need in commercial building environments to connect and communicate with the existing BACnet building automation system (BAS). Adding BACnet protocol to these metering devices eliminates the need for costly external BACnet Gateways. 

The BFM136 and BFM-II are used extensively in commercial metering and billing applications. The BFM136 provides 36 channels than can be configured as twelve 3-phase circuits or 36 single-phase or various combinations. The modular BFM-II is capable of providing the same flexibility for up to 54 channels. Both instruments utilize innovative high accuracy clamp-on current sensors which provide revenue-grade metering accuracy.

SATEC’s innovative ExpertPower software platform is also extensively deployed to provide cloud-based access to energy usage data by building managers and tenants and for tenant billing.  All BFM models can communicate simultaneously with the BAS via BACnet providing power metered information and over Ethernet to ExpertPower for tenant billing.

For more information, visit SATEC's site.