SBE and Danfoss Silicon Power to exhibit & present at PCIM


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SBE will display at PCIM

SBE will exhibit at the PCIM conference in booth # 9-140, and SBE's CEO, Ed Sawyer and Europe Applications Engineer, Dayana El Hage will be present. Mr. Sawyer, will speak on "Integrated DC link capacitor/bus enables 20% increase in inverter efficiency." On display will be a Power Ring Bank Hardener, the AC filter capacitor bank and integrated module test kits for EV, Solar, and Wind.

PCIM Paper Presentation: 20% Increase in Inverter Efficiency Seen with Integrated DC Link Capacitor/Bus
SBE and Danfoss Silicon Power will present a paper entitled "Integrated DC link capacitor/bus enables a 20% increase in inverter efficiency" at the upcoming PCIM Europe conference, Wednesday, May 21 at 2:00 PM. Voltage overshoot at switch turn-off traditionally limits the DC operating voltage for inverter systems thus limiting the total power output for a given silicon die.The fundamental first step in overshoot reduction is to minimize the DC link inductance.

At the Danfoss PCIM Booth (#9-360) is the Powerstack “Next Gen” Technology Demo. SBE and Danfoss Silicon Power have been jointly collaborating on developing the “next Gen” of Powerstack performance – 1 MW of power in a traditional 0.5 MW volumetric space.

SBE will display their new Power Ring Film Capacitor AC filter bank solution at booth 9-140. SBE’s integrated Power Ring Film Capacitor™solution eliminates the risk of explosive failures which cause damage to other components in UPS systems and lasts up to twice as long as conventional oil filled capacitors while occupying the same space and at similar costs.


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