Scalable meter data management system offers quicker data processing and robust analytics



Greater scalability, quicker data processing and robust analytics tools are just a few of the features built into the new MeterSense, the latest version of Harris Utilities' meter data management (MDM) solution. Upgraded to help utilities collect data faster and serve more customers than ever before, MeterSense imports, cleanses and validates data up to seven times faster than previous releases. The updated solution also includes an enhanced user interface for ease of operations, configurable dashboards to improve workflows, streamlined customer service views for better access to account profiles, and improved reporting capabilities for even further information analysis. And for the first time, it can be scaled to serve as many as one million meters. "By providing more accurate data in near-real time, MeterSense gives utilities the intelligence they need to respond to meter events, make better-informed operational decisions and present usage data to consumers quicker than ever before," said Norm Daigle, Executive Vice President of Harris Utilities SmartWorks, the smart grid innovation engine of Harris Utilities that created MeterSense. "Our advancement in scalability means that larger utilities will now be able to take advantage of MeterSense's many powerful benefits to improve their smart grid infrastructure." In addition to such back-end improvements, developers have enhanced MeterSense with a series of new tools. A forecasting module enables utilities to predict consumption patterns, peak demand levels and demand contributors, while new analytics functions—such as weather correlations, quantification and location of losses, and peak demand analysis with coincident peak and peak contributors—empower utilities to further study system performance. "More and more utilities are turning to demand forecasting for their operational and financial planning needs," said Daigle. "Accurate forecasts provide important insights that can inform procurement decisions, renewable energy strategies and peak demand management strategies. MeterSense addresses such requirements and includes a host of new analytics tools that will help utilities derive even more intelligence from their meter data." Harris Utilities