Schaffer's latest line card details their power quality products



Power Quality Line Card

A new four-page, full color Power Quality Line Card provides a comprehensive overview of Schaffner Active and Passive Harmonic Filters, Sine Wave Filters, dV/dT Filters, Line Reactors and more. These products ensure the efficient and reliable operation of power distribution systems by shaping electrical power. Active Harmonic Filters mitigate harmonics to the 50th order, provide reactive compensation (PFC), performs current load balancing with a 300 millisceond response, and are available in 3-wire UL and 4-wire (non-UL) systems. Capacities from 50 amp, to over 400 amp, in open chassis or NEMA enclosures. They are ideal for use with VFDs of virtually any manufacture.

Passive harmonic filters feature “plug and play” convenience for 50 through 500 HP standard UL products, and are parallelable to accommodate 1000 HP applications. Two designs available to suit harmonic mitigation levels of <5% THDI, or 7-10% THDI; filters also provide a small footprint, and reduced weight for easy installation, with advanced temperature management.

Motor drive sine wave filters and dV/dT filters reduce the stress on motor insulation, which reduces reflected harmonics and allows for longer cable runs.

Schaffner’s portfolio of “shaping electrical power” solutions is one of the broadest in the industry including EMI filters, chokes and power quality harmonic filters, low and medium voltage transformers, inductors, reactors and other power magnetic components and systems. Schaffner products are typically used in a variety of industrial, commercial and medical applications including electronic motor controls, renewable energy systems, rail/transit technology, machine tools and robotics, water and waste water, oil and gas, electrical infrastructure and the manufacturing industry.