Schaffner introduces web pages for power-quality products



Schaffner USA has significantly updated their web site to include the introduction of new products, like sine wave output filters, line and load reactors, active and passive harmonic filters, and more. The new data, makes it easy for viewers to learn about power quality issues and how to resolve them. Additional new information includes market-specific application data, an updated Technical Library, and downloads, as well as a robust contacts with at-a-glance contact information for reps and distributors able to assist with power quality remediation by geographic territory.

Informative product videos have also been added. Shaping Electrical Power, the Schaffner USA motto, is clearly demonstrated by these site enhancements. Poor power quality, which is often difficult to detect, is affects virtually all industries and applications with seemingly unrelated problems like blown fuses, tripped circuit breakers, overheating of motors and transformers, cable ringing, eddy current losses and more.

Issues range from a “simple” nuisance to catastrophic loss. Further, production downtime, repair cost and revenue shortfall, may result in reduced company profits. Harmonic filtering helps to eliminate many of these concerns, enhance efficiency and improve overall plant performance. These new site enahcemensts make it easier for viewers to determine when problems are occurring and points them towards remedies.