Schaffner unveils updated online power-quality simulator



PQS3 Power Quality Simulation tool

Schaffner EMC presents PQS3, an update to their acclaimed Power Quality Simulation tool which allows planners, consultants and application engineers to accurately model and simulate low voltage 3-phase network topologies. With this powerful online tool, users can simulate complex power networks and receive rapid answers to challenging power quality issues. Drag and drop convenience, drop-down menu-driven functionality, and fill-in-the-blanks simplicity make this proven program easy to use.

New upgrades include more robust active filter simulation, engine power and accuracy enhancements, refreshed GUI design featuring wiring by left-click and delete by delete button functionality, enhanced sharing functionality – simply copy the URL link, generator model included, customer-specific AC line chokes functionality now available, and Schaffner 18-pulse autotransformer “Mitigator” included. Users can access the newly updated Power Quality Simulator at

PQS3 simulates power, current and voltage at all network modes, and supports the proper selection of harmonic mitigation technologies. It then verifies compliance with virtually all relevant international power quality standards, including IEEE 519 (2014), and it provides easy to understand reporting features. It is ideal for application engineers, planners, consultants, plant managers, and others responsible for the power quality within all industries.

This enhanced tool allows users to select medium and low-voltage transformer parameters (voltage, power, short circuit current, and impedance), specify cable (length, diameter, and material), and then add loads and harmonic filters. With drag and drop convenience, users can select common loads such as furnaces, motors, resistive loads, DC motors/battery chargers, and Variable Frequency Drives. When these elements are added to the circuit, PQS prompts the user to fill in applicable parameters for each component.

If the system design will not support the load, for example, a message will be generated suggesting that a larger transformer may be required, and then stay illuminated until the power supply issue is rectified. PQS supports all Schaffner harmonic mitigation technologies, including active and passive harmonic filtering, and chokes, as well as power factor correction.

Harmonics can play havoc on the electrical power network, causing, tripped circuit breakers, blown fuses, overheating of motors and transformers, insulation break-down and reduced service life of equipment. Issues range from a “simple” nuisance to catastrophic loss. Further, production downtime, repair cost and revenue shortfall, may result in reduced company profits. Harmonic filtering helps to eliminate many of these concerns, enhance efficiency and improve overall plant performance.

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