Schaffner's RFI Filters Now Shipping from Sager Electronics



Sager Electronics is now stocking Schaffner’s FN 9262/FN 9266 RFI Filters.

The new RFI filters feature an IEC C14 PEM (power entry module) with integrated fuse holder or switch. The high-performance filter series FN 9262 (with fuse holder) and FN 9266 (with dual pole switch) are ideal for applications demanding high attenuation performance. These are an enhanced version of the FN 9260 and FN 9264 filter families.

Both filter series outperform the already existing filters FN 9260 and FN due to two key components: the advanced core material (common mode performance) and the increased X-capacitor values (differential mode performance). The housing dimensions are identical to the existing series making an exchange between the filters easy.

Schaffner’s FN 9262/FN 9266 RFI Filters are in stock at Sager Electronics. To learn more about Sager, visit